Tri_ace Productions

“Hopes and dreams”

Tri-ace has had many run ins with both words. Having been in a rap group… 4th Elament for a few years to waiting for the next album expectations to fall through. Nowadays he waits on contracts and meetings to further his career of being an artist which he is already. Tri-ace has been producing for over 5 years entering the ear holes of many from many walks of life.

Being that Mr. Ace is the very reason why i produce music, I have to tell you guys that his material is more than just 3 minute intro to his life. Music is felt when produced from this man. Soul and underground hip-hop fuse together to carry out his message.1798668_464244240368881_813761177_n

Writer, producer, lyricist, car enthusiast and God fearing


With his artistic ambitions comes taste. Tri-Ace has an style tip toeing between urban outfitters and 2007 skateboard fanatic. Writing all his own witty, comprehensive lyrics Mr. Ace can truly be called an Lyricist. There was actually a time where Tri-Ace produced a substantial amount of beats for his early group 4th Elament established in the early 2000s. Car enthusiast? Indeed he is. If he ever came to fortune nothing would touch the bottom of his shoes but a 691-710 hp, 6.5 liter V12 Aventador.  With all that fortune the God fearing human being would be humbled by the word of the lord. With a family who prays, many of his achievements wouldn’t be accounted for without the man up stairs.

To Tri-Ace my brother… Much Success!


Want a little feel for Mr. Ace ??


“Blessed we are” – Yoda to J’ TOVAA

Jessica Tovar

Words… Like “bless”, “beautiful”, and “vibrant” are all considered intangible things. I mean they’re just words, but words with a powerful meaning. Now Jessica Tovar is the young women who can bring these words to life. In all my years I never thought I’d see the day our form of communication come into physical form with such honesty. When you see Miss Tovar enter your space you’re bound to catch her beautiful, vibrant, and contagious smile. She is beauty. The walk… the talk… the style and the being of this being can and will manifest the word “Blessing”.


Always tailored to how she wants to feel that particular day, you can count on her to bring flavor across. Let me make sense of this. A dull t-shirt accompanied by a plain hat, jeans and some regular old tennis shoes doesn’t work with Tovar. Now let’s put it in context that she deserves. A fresh T accompanied by a black baseball cap complimenting her Nike Roushes and shorts to soak in some sun. Her style usually consist of elegance with a draping cardigan setting off the whole combination! And her boot game…. Statement made when she’s in her boots.

Fashion Design

I’ve had the honor of coming across some of her unbelievably good designs and alterations. I mean if the manikin can rock it. Let’s see when her audience gets a hold of this! She is currently studying economics at UCR and is VERY close to graduation. 11082609_1595208034056424_6870502174539075039_nShe organized a club by the name of Class And Fashion at UCR with the help of a wonderful staff, Class And Fashion has held events that empower our people such as their recent gathering 10989101_1601379103439317_1582483875690217119_n“Miss Perspective” that took place April 21st 2015. This event included Anakaren Chable | Miss 11159499_1611771849066709_6322650846745013826_nHemet
Stephanie Lomeli | Miss San Jacinto
Madison Givens | Miss Inland Empire
and two coordinators. The main goal was to educate in a open discussion about pageantry culture, stereotypes, and self confidence.

             Now this is where the dream starts. FIDM might be her next move just to spruce up her talent and get some more techniques cooking. After UCR she’ll have accumulated a firm understanding of business… and FIDM after? I think we see a business brewing up in that beautiful mind of hers.

We wish you well

All in all Miss Tovar is the physical form of Beauty, integrity, and dedication. She has personally been a blessing to many lives including mine. The least we can wish for is her bound success and the most is for her to carry on with her integrity, being a inspiration to all she is soon to encounter.


Class And Fashion staff
L.A trip photo

Heart Steele

Alexis Lee Steele

 To capture the moment of lives is something we all can say is memorizing. I mean it really is. Alexis Lee Steele is on the path of an artist capturing emotion, physical representation with great landscapes to improve the natural element.



From knowing how to work a camera to knowing how to work the camera. Steele takes charge of her passion being inclined to providing what the vision demands. What caught my attention about Steele’s talent was one of her earlier pictures here to the left. She caught depth color and a effect that is pleasing to thee eye.285712_471577006224567_314956696_n

Alexis let’s it be known!


Now she is working with a company that is going to help broaden her ideas and make her artistry flourish.

“Projekt Photography pronouced (Pro-Jekt) Is Photography of many sorts, mainly artful Graphic design. So open your Imagination an explore and enjoy”


Alexis’s statement

“I love capturing special moments and I plan to take concepts and blend them with abstract ideas. I work with projekt photography and there I’m learning to combine digital design with real settings I plan to explore more concepts and provide services for people to capture special moments and to capture what makes them, well them”

With that being said I see her passion and pursuing drive will eliminate any if ands or buts.

Strive Alexis Lee Steele!


(V.V) Voice Violin

Violin and the Bow

              The violin falls into the stringed instruments. It is obvious that it is a stringed instrument, as well as it being stricken by the bow. This bow instrument is one of the most recognizable next to the piano and guitar. I choose the violin because the Soprano Timbre it posses. Looking around for information on the envelop I found that it’s quite hard to pinpoint. The fact that the piece to anything you want to play is going to be the fault of your envelop characteristics. Such as playing erry sounds to quickly bowing the instrument can determine different attacks, sustains and drop offs. Now for general speaking, the violin is going to have a slow approaching attack and a fairly long decay carried after a steady sustain.

Photo Source:

              The violin consist of a corpus, neck, bridge, sound post, and four strings. On the subject of body of this instrument, again I have read that there is “more than meets the eye”. Scientifically the wood determines minuet differences and large ones as well. The wood’s characteristics determine where the nodes are going to be. Some state a violin to be a 14 inch viola. Size does matter. Size creates different sounds and for beginners, the violin is usually tuned to D,G, and E. Let’s get down to the Timbre. The strings are wound up with many layers to control the damping of the vibrations. This phenomenon brings the violin’s universal Timbre to a warm or bright sound, due to obvious overtone play. If the violin will be your choice of practice, Whether nylon to steel string. You’ll have to worry about humidity and changes in temperature.

Having a richer spectrum through the Harmonic series, the big fiddle (violin) was very popular in the Baroque period, because it reached over the instruments dominating the choice for melody. The combination of excitement and being surprised with a little “I knew it!) The violin is considered to be next to the human voice is communication. I had that combination of the emotion because I always told my brother if I learned the violin I would be able to communicate much better.

This is to all who love a instrument

Jean-Vier/ Forward Slash


Oh yeah, Newww Mixtape just released by Jean-Vier!!! “He is I and I is him” In this mixtape “Jean-Vier/ Forward Slash” I have come to the conclusion that I am changing my name : (. Okay not entirely though. I’m adding… THERE YOU GO!


Jean-Vier Forward Slash

The new addition is! Drum roll please (Drum roll) …  “/” Forward Slash! Haha It’s not that much guys. I went ahead and added this because I’m always thinking about moving forward. I love simplicity and adding this “/” was perfect and it gives the name just a little personality.


Heavy Bass & Deep sounds

Heavy bass has always been a constant in my music bringing ones unlike and alike together. Bass is felt as to other sounds just being heard like synths and strings. Adding audibility with the sense of physical feeling might leave more of an impact that other songs. An impact is my main goal to this music career I’ve been pursuing.

Jean-Vier Forward Slash

Free Download!!!!!!

 All songs in this Mixtape is free to download, but if you run into any problem go ahead and email me I’ll take care of the situation and lets get you a copy : )

Mr. Rob Fox

Patience my young grass hopper


Robbie Fox… Where do i begin. No where did he began. I’m pretty sure i remember the day he told me he would make good music. That was the day he actually started. He spent so much time diving into the subject, I’d walk into his house and a new instrument would appear. From upright pianos to CD js.

The Fox approach

Robbie was so stuck on the Beethoven approach for quite sometime. He would sponge grab all the Music Theory laws of a piece and explain it in such a logic. Disagreement was out of question. We had civilized arguments towards the “wing it” approach. Which consist of pure creativity without the shackles of Music Theory.  I got the notion that he slowly but surely implemented that and started producing tracks with such original substance. The music grew. At first it wasn’t clear as to what direction Rob Fox was trying to go to. He dove right into House, Moombahton and Trap landing on the bass heavy Trap. He was finally satisfied. Still after Mr. Fox doesn’t limit his abilities. He took I’d say over a year and a half posting a little to no music. Proficiency had to be met before his audience caught a glimpse of his tracks.



His music grabs your attention steadily letting you vibe along. I warn you, Once that bass drops you’ve got another thing coming… literally. His music changes keeping you entertained. If you come across one of his more mellow steady but heavy tracks. Your riding along blissful notes on a staff. I learned that from Robbie.

If you look through comments on the music provided. You will find that Victor Niglio himself thought Rob Fox’s edit of HIS music was “sickkk”!.

Heath Rhoades/ Professor Doom

Telescope maintenance


Harley-Davidson rides, metal concerts, a firm handshake and telescope operations. Yeah that last part got me too. Heath Rhoades is a example of “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Ironically Mr. Rhoades is a published writer as well as a professor. Never weaving away from a question, his patience and knowledge assists others in a fluid manner. I’m trying to recall any instances of failed reply but none seem to exist.

To the clouds and beyond

Mr. Rhoades dedicates a very good portion of his time to JPL. Yeah, those guys who are federally funded for research and development, working side by side with NASA. He currently holds two Masters of Science degrees.  One in Information Systems Management  and one in Information Technology/ Internet Security. Heath collaborates with planetary scientists acquiring data for potential asteroid shape modeling and pole solutions. If you ever run into Heath, you might want to thank him for that asteroid discovery coming toward our planet! Haha

Published writing: U.G.L.Y


Amazon pictures rhoades

: Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathybeen the Astronomer by Authors Dawn Menge & Heath Rhoades

Heath Rhoades



Young Pandaaaaaas!

It’s all love, soul, and harmony here on the official Youtube channel of New England based band YOUNG PANDAS

Young Pandaaaas! 

Indie soul is present when their tracks play. Enough was said when i read that they were members of BadRabbits. Pandas… Rabbits… Anyways these guys carry a very humble approach to a gig always wanting to connect with the fans, working on song interpretation.


From New England to touring, I give much respect to them pulling a combined influence of Bon Iver to J Dilla, Prince, and Bill Withers. Wow! I got to say this band did a great job pulling a wide range of veteran hit makers. Young Pandas – Soul searching is playing right now… Bravo this band has made a Soulful yet entertaining sound.

See you guys soon

Young Pandas will reach their fan base very soon!

5001470 young panda

I want to thank Young Pandas for actually writing me back.

The man with the plan Gutowski


Jj Gutowski 

If Superman didn’t fly this would be him. He is actually a personal friend of many that we all saw much potential in through the years. Quite frankly he even took it up a notch with the whole Vice President of External Affairs/CCO at California University San Marcos. This man studied ROTC at San Diego State University from 2011 to 2012, RPD for congressmen Brian Billbray and has worked for LPL Financial .I’m getting word now that his recent endeavors has allowed him the honor of representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at CSU San Marcos MUN conference.He actually took “Outstanding Delegate” .  I mean Mr. Gutowski has come a long way from our small town here in California to achievements that take dedication, determination and motivation. Yup all the ‘tions in the book is what it takes folks.

He fits our site perfectly.

Accomplishments made from vigorous nights of work to innovated approaches to the task at hand.

I’ll Leave with the cities of his affairs, and sightseeing.

Honestly he could probably fly 


Have you guys heard “Don’t Kill The Fun by Sevyn Streeter”?

I have. I mean after about 30 seconds of it I knew it was time to remix this track!
I’m sorry it isn’t downloadable anymore : / buuuut if you guys would like a copy go ahead and email me. I will see what i can do. I mean i will get you a copy. Now I’m running on… It’s 12:19am in California. I should be asleep.
Alright going to sleep. Or am i lol

Just getting up and running


How’s it going world?

So let me start with my goals of this website.

This website is going to be dedicated to showing the world the indie side of things. I’m looking to show off peoples ideas, music, clothing and news all surrounding the Indie culture.

In my ‘about me’ column you will find my contact info. Here I will be receiving your emails with your ideas, submissions and comments. Please don’t be afraid to email me.

Now a little about myself.

My name is Jeanluc (John-Luke) aka Jean-Vier. I am a recording, remix and sound engineer. My work will be posted here regularly. I also have a love for fashion and will be looking forward to showing you guys my Tumblr catered to a few different tastes.

Here is my music links and a few photos